New Luxe Islamic Notebooks

Updated: Mar 29

We are so pleased to announce that we have added a new product line to our store. These luxurious notebooks, beautifully designed by Islamic Moments are sure to inspire you to organise and compile your best ideas this coming year.

From your daily thoughts to your halaqa notes, you can jot with joy and script in style with these luxurious 100gsm notebooks.

We’re suckers for cute stationary products, and pretty much anything that inspires planning and learning, so obviously when we came across these Islamic notebooks we just had to add them to our store.

We absolutely love the My Favourite Dua’s notebook. It’s invaluable to have all your dua’s compiled in one place. Whatever your plans are, in sha Allah, we hope that you will be motivated and inspired by this beautiful collection.

Remembering Allah in our daily lives is something that will benefit us abundantly. The Islamic notebook collection helps you do just this, and that’s why we fell in love, they serve a bigger purpose than being a simple notebook.

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