Creating Your Ramadan Capsule Wardrobe

Alhamdulilah, the month of Ramadan is almost here once again, a time when we shift our focus and ibadah becomes the priority in our daily lives. It's time to take a step back from distractions.


Make your daily routine as simple as possible... Operation: Minimalist Wardrobe

During the month of Ramadan we recommend pulling your wardrobe right back to the basics. A clean and simple Ramadan capsule wardrobe will work wonders for your daily schedule during this blessed, yet challenging month.

Creating a Ramadan Capsule Wardrobe doesn't necessarily mean buying anything new, you can absolutely work with the items you already have. One of the perks of wearing a hijab and abaya during this time is that you only need 2 items of clothing to combine and look totally put-together.

Solid colours, and humble textures are ideal for mixing and matching. One plain open abaya can be styled in countless ways. Open or closed, belted or flared, inner slip dress or jeans and a tee. The fitted snap closures on our abayas ensure you are a click away from ultimate modesty, making your open abaya suitable for salah and the Masjid.

Our Abaya slip dresses are another staple that have a multitude of styling possibilities. Simply throw over a denim jacket and neutral jersey hijab for a casual look and you’re good to go, or pair it with an open belted abaya and long chiffon hijab for a more sophisticated style. A handful of solid shade staples will reap so much styling potential.

Our new Essential Collection Abayas have been designed specifically for this, to make your outfits come together, beautifully and effortlessly. The perfect choice for simplifying your daily wardrobe selection.

In terms of hijabs, we would have to recommend opting for neutral colours this month. Browns, nudes, greys and of course black will all pair beautifully with almost any outfit in your wardrobe.

Whatever style you go for this month, just remember keep it simple, and take unnecessary wardrobe overwhelm off your plate temporarily. Select just a few of your favourite pieces to mix and match and keep focussed on what's important this Ramadan.

Have you got any fashion advice for Ramadan? We’d love to hear about your styling advice for this month. Don’t be shy, and share it with us in the comments below so other Sisters may benefit.

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