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We are so pleased to finally be able to announce something that we have had in the making for some time. We are privileged to be able to offer you more of the modest, top-quality accessories that you deserve.

Introducing our NEW Veil & Virtue Signature Muslimah Gloves

We have designed our signature gloves to simply make your life easier and more comfortable. Some of the features include touch-screen capability, which is an absolute must for any gloved Sisters in the age of smartphones. You will be able to use your phone just as easy as if you were bare-handed. The comfort fitting, soft fabric keeps its shape for longer, while boasting the ability to contour to your individual hand shape.

Some additional features we added are the pairing clips for easy storage, anti-slip grip for security and of course our signature Veil & Virtue logo.

Shop the the new range now and discover the high-quality modest gloves you have been waiting for.

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