Sawdah Abaya




A stunning piece from amongst our gorgeous new arrivals, the Sawdah Abaya is definitely one of our personal favourites. Designed with lovely nida fabric, the Sawdah features delicate tulle and pearls along the cuffs and hem.


Standard Length: S (52), M (54), L (56), XL (58)

Material: Nida

N.B. Both width and length increase as size increases.

Sawdah Abaya

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  • Embellished Abaya Care Instructions

    Abaya designs featuring beading, sequins or other embroideries should be hand-washed or dry-cleaned, as these garments require a more delicate cleaning processes to maintain the embellishments.

    Wash in cold water, use a small amount of mild detergent and avoid rubbing the areas of embroidery. Do not tumble dry, gently wring out the excess water before hanging to dry.


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